Saturday, June 04, 2011

Prayer for Sunday 7A

Oh God, who is always available to hear our prayer,
We come to you with the needs of our lives,
The desires of our hearts,
And the hunger of our souls.
Father of orphans,
There are orphans all around the world
That need your tender love,
your arms of love to enfold them,
and your voice of care to sooth them.

Protector of Widows,
There are widows all around us,
Keep them safe from harm,
Provide them communities of friends
When they are lonely,
And Care for them when they are sick or grieving.

God of desolate,
Provide homes of warmth and comfort for them.
Provide sustenance for them.
Provide a means of making a living.

God of the prisoners,
Set them free of all that binds them.
Renew their lives.

God of the anxious,
Receive their worry that they cast on your.
Give them a sense of calmness
And trust in you.

God of all who suffer,
Restore their lives,
Support them in their time of trials,
Strengthen their resolve,
And Refresh their weary hearts.

Lord pour your holy spirit in our lives
That we too may devote ourselves
To prayer, to you, to those in need and to each other.
In the name of the Father, son and the Holy Spirit,

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