Wednesday, December 30, 2009

trying to not want a new car

The new car ads proliferate the tvs, magazines, radio and web this time of year. Have you noticed that? Without realizing it, I found myself starting to pay attention to them and then slowly this desire for a new car started creeping in. And then I found myself comparing my old car to the new ones; looks, fuel efficiency, navigation system, sattelite radio or mp3 players, or green. I started salivating. But I did not want a new car before this started, I was satisfied with my car, and it was paid for. No it does not have some of the new technology in it, but that was not an issue for me. But ooh the ads were like sirens calling me. I have been fighting them off. So what if my car has paint chipping, dings in it, spills from the kids, and marks from them too. It was paid for. Ha. Can a new car say that? I don't think so, ooh but they are so pretty, sexy, and get better gas mileage and are green. It has big time mileage on it, but the dealer says there is no reason it should go for even higher mileage, why, because we take care of the engine. Whoopee. Help me not want a new car, tie me to the mast, put ear plugs in my ears, whatever it takes. I will not buy a new car.


Nik said...

Ooooh, but you wantssss it, you doesss, prreshus...
Siren calls or Gollum mutterings, consumerism's a real blighter, eh?
I'm sure we could get a Star Trek reference in... ahhh!!! Consumerism wants to be a bit like the Borg:
resistance is futile, you will be assimilated??
I recommend playing Holst's Mars Bringer of War very loudly to block out those voices.

Mompriest said...

don't do it. don't buy one. not worth it. and the urge will pass.