Thursday, December 31, 2009

saying goodbye, hello

It is that time again to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new year. I have done resolutions and I am done with them. I have done nothing, and well then I did nothing. I haven't quite decided how I will do it this year other then saying goodbye and hello. I read yesterday at the Compassion International's blog a post about "Using one word to fight poverty in 2010". I find myself intrigued by this idea of "asking the Holy Spirit what He has in store for you in 2010. Ask Him to give you a one-word theme for the upcoming year. Not a phrase, not a statement, just a single word." I don't think I have ever boiled anything down to one word. I find that even writing a brief vision statement difficult. Its an idea a thought. But if it helps fight poverty, I am all for it. So what one word would the Holy Spirit have for you for this year? What one word would it be to fight poverty in 2010?


Mompriest said...

Well, it's three words for me: buy Fair Trade - coffee, art, jewelry, whatever you can manage. Every little bit helps support someone in their local community to make a living wage. That or Heifer Project (two words).....

good idea!!

revhipchick said...

one word...i think i can pray for that. it's a word, not an answer.

not that an answer to poverty and hunger wouldn't be great--it would be awesome, but i have a feeling that it would take more than what any of us could do but maybe if we each have just one word, one word to share others might listen and we might get closer to the answer and to one another. thanks for sharing.

may 2010 bring us closer to ending poverty and hunger than ever before. may you be blessed beyond your dreams. amen.

ps. i can't wait to meet you while we cruise!

SingingOwl said...

I don't know, but I am intrigued by this too. I'm going to pray about it.