Thursday, April 23, 2009

For Bob's Birhday

Bob's birthday was the Monday after Easter. We celebrated it with an ice cream cake from Baskin and Robbins made with his favorite flavor. Can you guess which? You would be right pralines and cream, yum, yum. Oh and it had a chocolate Easter bunny on top. Perfect.
He got some nice gifts from the kids and me. We treated him like a King. And then I gave him a different kind of gift. I gave him a sponsorship of a child from Compassion International. I have to say it was hard to choose which kid, but I chose a little boy close to Zach's age. I figured since we can't have any more children and are now too old to adopt anymore, we can sponsor a child Bob liked it and the kids really liked it. However, they didn't quite like the idea of sponsoring as opposed to adopting. They wanted us to go get him right away. We had to explain it to them, and they were okay with that after the explanation. So Happy Birthday Bob!

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revhipchick said...

that is so sweet! you have amazing girls! i just love that they wanted you to go get him! absolutely beautiful!