Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prayer for Third Sunday of lent

Creator God, we listen as the heavens declare your glory,
We seek to likewise sing of you r glory.

And yet sometimes our word s fall short.
Our very actions cause us to fall on our face.

Lord even if we appear foolish to the world
Let us proclaim Christ crucified.

May we burn with zeal for you,
That we let nothing get in our way of telling others out Jesus

Lord let your presence be in us, around us
breathing new life into us,
so that we may do this work you have called us to

Now let the words of our mouths
and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable to you,
O LORD, our rock and our redeemer.

1 comment:

Brother Marty said...

I follow these posts...please keep them up. Just wanting you to know that you aren't just posting to a nowhere...and there are others who find inspiration from these daily/weekly posts.
Thanks from Wadley...lovin every minute of it!