Saturday, March 07, 2009

Prayer for Second Sunday in Lent

Oh, God of love, power and faithfulness,
We journey with your son,
ever closer to Jerusalem,
to his cross his true destiny.

We hear his words
“Take up your cross and follow me,”
but we aren’t sure if it’s the crosses of this life,
or the actual cross of death.

We hear his words,
“deny your self,”
and wonder which self it is;
the self we put on for others,
or the self centered self
that wants it all for ourselves?

Whichever it is,
it seems like Jesus
sure is asking a lot of us
and we aren’t sure we can do this.

God we will need your holy spirit
to be able to do this.
God we will need your grace and mercy
to be able to do this.

We remember
that you empowered your disciples,
the early Christians
and others who decided to follow you,
we believe that you will do likewise for us. Amen.

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