Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Year of the Bible

This is the Year of the Bible for St. John UMC.

God has challenged us to read through the Bible in a Year.

In order to do that we gave out a Reading Plan for a year.

We offered Disciple Bible Study on Sunday nights which takes you through the Bible.

We offered on Wednesday nights a Bible Study to follow through the Bible reading plan.

I am preaching sermons that go through the Bible for the year.

I made a plan that everyone would be on the same sheet of music, and that the sermons would fall in line with the readings. You know what they say about best laid plans of Mice and men/women. I forgot about the orientation session of the Disciple Bible Study and then the next session introducing the Bible. So the Disciple Bible Study group is just starting their reading of Genesis. We had a death in the church and the visitation fell on Wednesday night, so we delayed the start of their study. They start this week with a study of the first readings in Genesis.

I am already through the second set of readings as far as preaching goes.

My point in keeping these all together was that I was teaching, preaching and reading. Umm help I think I need another teacher or something or a reprieve or something. Any suggestions?

God is this your plan? You got any ideas, God?


Iris said...

I applaud your efforts. Things are often going to get out of order, but however you choose to coordinate it will benefit the sheep in your care.

You might do a "salad session" somehow where everything is brought together and up with the program. Going quickly over a lesson or two can be done and would be one way to catch everyone up.

Good work.
Bless you!

teachergran said...

Abi, somehow this is reassuring. Like all the well-intentioned "this year/this school year I'll make sure to..." Even if you got a later start, you can still finish the Through the Bible in a Year project in a year - just maybe not a Jan 1 to Dec 31 year. Keep on!
Sorry to hear about your parishoner. Breathing is one of those things that is so easy to take for granted when one is healthy. Maybe one of my "this year..." things should be to take a few moments each day to notice the things about my body that work well (and not think about the all too obvious flaws) and give thanks for them.
How far are your groups into the Bible?

Diane said...

praying for you...as you implement God's excellent plan.

revabi said...

Thanks Iris, you always have good ideas and supportive thoughts.

Teachergran we started Jan 13th, so they should be toward the final chapters of Gen.

And thanks Diane.

Abed-melech said...

Hello Pastor,
I actually thought that every year was the year of the bible.....Kidding, [although serious] However I will pray for your ministry in this endeavour and applaud the effort. We just started a blog sight and really are new at the blogging thing. We are going to read the New Testament complete a chapter a day. I enjoy blogging the UMC blosroll. You can stop by any time [in beautiful downtown Boonville, NY] or logging onto newcreationsumc.blogspot.com Either way we'll save a seat for you. Peace & grace to you and your congreation...Chris Spiros