Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Five: Those New Year Resolutions

Sally over at revgalblogpals brings us this Friday Five:
Well it had to be didn't it, love them or hate them I bet you've been asked about New Year resolutions. So with no more fuss here is this weeks Friday Five;

1. Do you make New Year resolutions? Not anymore.

2. Is this something you take seriously, or is it a bit of fun? A bit of both

3. Share one goal for 2008. To quit wasting time so much.

4. Money is no barrier, share one wild/ impossible dream for 2008. Money no object, adopt another child.

5. Someone wants to publish a story of your year in 2008, what will the title of that book be? "Not that again"


Sue said...

Your #4 is lovely. I hope it comes true for you some day.

Barbara B. said...

Sigh. Time wasting -- that's always a biggie!

LucisMomma said...

Glad you are feeling better! you really made up for lost time. :)

Some good new year's posts.

susan w

Sally said...

wow to adopt another child would be amazing- such love inspires me Abi!