Saturday, April 13, 2013

Prayer for Easter 3c

God, our God,

You stay by us day and night and.

You deliver us from life’s messes.

We thank you God.

We thank you that you hear us when we cry out for help.

You love us, you heal our wounds, and you deliver us from our downheartedness.


We pray for those who are grieving that the time of their weeping

may not last forever but be turned into days of joy.

We pray for those who are in the midst of a crisis

that you guide them through the crisis and that they find their strength in you.

We pray for those who are sick and ailing that they may find

 peace, rest and restoration in you.

Lord you make yourself known to us in so many ways,

help us to not miss those moments.

And just as you told Peter to feed your sheep you call us to feed your sheep today.

Lord may we be faithful to loving you and feeding your sheep.
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