Saturday, April 21, 2012

Prayer for Easter 3B/Earth Day

Oh God,
We come celebrating your love that you have for us your children of God.
And because we are your children we know that when we pray you answer us.
We know that we can bring our needs, our troubles, our questions,
our lives, our world, our hopes and our dreams to you.
We know and believe that you listen and you care.

Creator God,
We do pray for our world that we live in
this wonderful planet you created for us to live on. 
We pray for its wellbeing because you made it and called it good.
And we pray that we do our parts as stewards to take of earth.
We are so grateful for this earth, our home.

Loving God,
We pray for those in our midst who need our prayers for their lives,
 their struggles, their healing, and their restoration.
We pray for those in our communities who are without jobs, without homes, without food, without family, without food, without means and resources and without hope.
We pray for those in our world who are living in extreme poverty, violence, abuse, slavery, and cruelty.

Faithful God,
We thank you for the resurrection of you son,
we live into the hope of the resurrection.
May your resurrection shine light in our lives.
Make your presence known to us as you did to the disciples.
Open our minds also that we may understand what you have to teach us.
And how we are to live and be.

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