Sunday, February 26, 2012

Prayer for First Sunday of Lent year B

We offer our thoughts and prayers to you.
We put our trust in you to hear and respond to our needs.
We pray for your tender mercies for those of us who are suffering.
We pray for strength for those of us who are experiencing weakness.
We pray for comfort for those of us who are grieving.
We pray that though we too go through our own wildernesses that you would be with us.
We pray that though the wild beast may encompass us you would protect us.
We pray that though we are tempted that your angels watch over us too.
Mark us with the sign of your love as you marked you own son.
Lord, we believe that your Kingdom is at hand;
And so we repent and believe with all our hearts your good news.
Lord remove from our lives those barriers that keep us from being in relationship with you, ourselves and others that we may truly live into the joy of your Kingdom.

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