Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prayer for Lent 2a

Second Sunday of Lent A

Prayers from our heart to the heart of God;

Merciful God, in this time of quiet and silence we come to you.
We come to like Nicodemus seeking answers to our questions.
We come to you not sure we understand what the bible teaches, what the Sunday School teachers teaches or what the preachers preaches.
We come to you seeking faith to accept your wonderful gift of love.
Fill our hearts with your love.
May your Holy Spirit blow through our lives and through our churches.

Maker of Heaven and Earth, in this time of rejoicing and singing we come to you.
We come as David and the pilgrims seeking your help for all of us.
We come seeking your help in our time of need.
We come asking for your aid for those who are sick, wounded, chronically ill, and terminally ill.
We come looking for you to assist those in Japan who have lost so much and so many loved ones; who now may lose more to nuclear radiation.
We come praying for you justice for the poor, the homeless, the slaves, the children, and the helpless.
Fill their hearts with you love.

Covenant God, in this time of wonder and awe we stand still to listen to you.
We stand waiting for the word from you just as Abraham did so that we too can go where you lead us.
We stand waiting for your word of blessing for our lives when so many times we feel more stressed then blessed.
We stand waiting for your word of promises to us and to your church.
We stand waiting for your word of life for our dull and lifeless world.
We stand waiting for your word of grace in our lives.
We stand waiting for your word of creativity in our lives, our churches and our world.
And then Lord we are able to go forth with you leading our way.

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