Monday, January 24, 2011

new year new tasks

I have some new tasks in this new year that I am presently working on.
I am now working on how to keep up with new members in this large church. If you have ideas please let me know. I think we do a good job of contacting our visitors who sign in the registration book. But we are not sure we do a good job of contacting and connecting our new members. One of our Finance Committee members who works at a bank shared with us what his bank is doing now to contact and stay connected with their first time accounts. And it was a good idea.


Teri said...

now I'm curious--what is the bank doing??? I look forward to hearing what you learn about this, because I think we're doing a terrible job in this area too...

revabi said...

I didnt' have my notes from the meeting to put that in my post. I'll get my notes and post it.