Saturday, September 05, 2009

Prayer for P 18B/O 23B/P 14/Labor day weekend

Lord of compassion, mercy and justice,
Many have come to you seeking compassion and you have graciously shown it to them.
We too come seeking your compassion
For our needs, our pains, our illnesses,
For our friends, families, and coworkers,
For our neighbors, our communities, and our world.
Lord we all need you to shower us with your compassion.

Lord many have sought you to receive mercy and you given them a multitude of mercies.
We too come seeking to receive your mercy
For our guilt, our shame, our sins,
For our family members, our neighbors,
For our churches, our communities and our world.
Lord we need you to renew us with your mercy.

Lord many is the person who has come asking for justice and you have generously provided justice in their lives.
We too come asking for your justice
For ourselves when we have we been treated unjustly.
For those who have been treated with injustices.
For those whose countries show no justice.
Lord we need you to roll down your justice for all.

Lord, let us also remember the laborers of the world on this Labor Day weekend.
Let us remember those who retired well and those who retired poorly.
Let us remember those who labor in blue collar jobs, white collar jobs and no collar jobs.
Let us remember those who labor in jobs worthwhile, and those whose jobs have no meaning at all.
Let us remember those who labor in the fields, the factories, the government, the service industry, education, health-care and all manner of labor.
Lord let us remember those who labor in free enterprise and those who work in slave labor.
Let us not forget that your son’s labor in this world was not in vain, for he brought compassion, mercy and justice to the world. Amen

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Questing Parson said...

Amen and Amen!