Tuesday, July 21, 2009

VBS with Kindergartners

Priceless. I am a crewleader for kindergartners in VBS this year. For some reason we did not get enough adult volunteers. I offered to help, but while I was away on vacation got made a crew leader. Fortunately, it is a week I can do it. There are also an adult team leader, and two teen helpers.

We are doing Group's Crocodile Dock. Its pretty cool and Group does a good VBS. One of the focuses is God sightings. During the class time we were talking about God sghtings. The kids didn't quite get it at first, but then did and started sharing when they saw God. It was neat. We are in one of the adult class rooms, because we had more kids than our children's rooms could hold. On the wall were pictures of Jesus including a crucifixion of Jesus. One kid asked who was the guy on the wall, and I told him. Then he grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the picture of the crucifixion. And then the questions insued about Jesus and the crucifixion. Try telling a five year old about Jesus's crucifixion in their language. But the other kids who knew and had heard the story were able to help. It was priceless time of telling the old story of Jesus and his love.

I love VBS and kids. Can't wait to learn and share today with them about Jesus.


Eric said...

Hope you enjoy Crocodile Dock! Our son went through it here last week...he loved it(as did everyone else)!

Here's to praying that y'all have a wonderful week as well!

teachergran said...

Hope your week continues to go well. Kindergarteners are a very special age group (lots of similarities to early jr. high/middle schoolers!) Very eager to learn about their world, interested in philosophy and history, and possessing a strong sense of right and wrong. They're lucky to have you as a leader!!!

chartreuseova said...

We did Crocodile Dock last week. We loved it.

mompriest said...

VBS can be so much fun!

lorna (stf) said...