Monday, June 08, 2009

the kids at Annual Conference

Pictures of the kids at conference for those that want to know: The picture with the bright shiny person is the bishop getting ready to serve communion. Katy is facing us in that picture. The kids all came in singing and playing instruments. They then laid on the altar backbacks filled with items for kids in Africa at the in Zimbabwe at the Ishe Anesu Project. The kids helped serve communion with an adult by their side. People were of course oohing and aahing over the kids. Our friends who were sitting behind us were commenting, like "look at him leading the group, isn't he cute" "She is concentrating so seriously on the cup making sure she doesn't spill it," and "we have to take communion from her." It made me proud. Bob couldn't seem to move, and he was blocking the aisle. I kept telling him get up and get some pictures, but he couldn't move. Finally I crawled over him, ran down to the front and made a fool of myself trying to find them and take pictures. Kate and Kara served, Zach said he was too shy to do that. They all made some good friends, learned about Jesus and had a good time. They want to come back.

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mid-life rookie said...

How cool that your conference honors kids and families in this way. We all know that we are not in ministry as stand alone entities, our families are in deep with us whether they asked for it or not. I'm glad your conference acknowledges that w/ picnic and kid's participation.