Friday, May 01, 2009

Prayer about the Swine Flu/H1N1

Almighty God, who cares for his children like a mother hen.
Care for the ones who already have contracted H1N1 and their family members.
Care for you little ones who are so vulnerable to this flu virus.
Care for your elderly, those already sick and weak who then are more vulnerable as well.
Care for the medical workers who are working day and night to treat those who already are sick, to keep this in check and stop the spread of this disease.
Care for our world leaders who are working together to halt the progress of this disease.
Care for those who have become stricken with fear because of it.
Help us to use wisdom to care for ourselves and one another, and to use regular hygiene.
God forgive those of us who may have used this to point fingers, call names or cause phobia of other people because of where the swine flu was first identified.
Help us as your followers to be servants in this hurting frightened world.

You won't find many prayers out there just yet. So I thought I would write one.
You will find a couple at the Church of England website for General prayers for the developing situation regarding swine flu, for those who have contracted the virus and for the people of Mexico. Bravo for the Church of England.

Here also are the Prayer Points from the Presidental Prayer team:

Pray for God's help and wisdom for President Obama, Health and Human Services Secretary Sibelius and CDC Acting Director Richard Besser.
Pray that the illness will be contained quickly.
Pray that citizens will be responsible in taking precautions including hand washing and covering sneezes.
Pray for parents who will need care plans for their children if their schools are temporarily closed.
Pray that those who suspect they are infected will avoid going to work and public places.
Pray for no further loss of life.
Pray for supplies of flu medication to reach those most in need.
Pray that those infected who enter our country will be successfully quarantined.
Pray for medical workers who risk their own health as they care for others.
Pray for those in Mexico who have lost loved ones to be comforted.

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