Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Today, I am thinking of those who were in the path of Hurricane Gustav.

I lived through hurricanes growing up in Florida. I know their impact.

And so today I say a prayer for all who evacuated and left behind their homes and don't know what they will come back to. Those who once again lived through another threat after living through the devastation from previous hurricanes not so long ago. I say a prayer for those who lost loved ones. I say a prayer for those in other countries who don't have the kind of resources we do to rebuild, help, and support. I say a prayer for my friends in Mississippi along the Gulf Coast. I say a prayer for those I do not know. I say a prayer for those now in the path of Hannah, Ike and any others in this Hurricane Season. Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.
And may our prayers become one of action and love as well, amen.

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