Saturday, August 30, 2008


It is hard to believe that we have been here for three months. As one person said it seems like you have been here a lot longer. It has been a busy three months. Alot of mental transitions to make and learn. They do worship differently here, and I have goofed several times, even though I try to be prepared. And of course there is all those little things no one has told you about that are done a certain way and you find out as you go along. But even with it being busy it has been a good time, and I feel I am transtioning into Trinity well.

The kids are now back at school, and I tell you that has been a hard transition for them, especially Zachary. I think he really worried about friends and being liked. He had so many of them in Florence and he grieved them alot. They also have a different way of teaching grammar and math here. I even had had a hard time with helping the kids with it. It reminds me of when they went to the new math and the parents complained so much. But we have really had to deal with the kids emotions and behavior with the change.

And we have been in the transition to the new home from the old home. The kids have begun to like this house. I have trouble with some things are upstairs and other things are downstairs. I used to do laundry at night, and clean the kitchen at night. The laundry is down stairs where the kid's rooms are and so no doing laundry at night, well I do fold them at night upstairs. The kitchen and dining room is right over two of the kid's rooms and they hear every little footstep and noise, so I try to do that before they go to bed. Bob is busy repairing, painting, getting old wallpaper down, tearing up carpet and putting down new flooring. I don't know if from one day to the next if I can go into a room or not. We have got to redo the kitchen and I think that is going to mean eating out quite a bit since it needs a new stove as well. Everything is dark and darker, so we are lightening up the house, and it looks a lot better. He has accomplished a lot in a short time, but that means the regular day to day cleaning doesn't always get done. Oh well.

I'll try to be better about blogging and making time for it some how some way. This morning I could do it cause the kids were out with Bob washing cars. Yea

I thought I would include a picture of the kids helping take off the wallpaper and one of them not working.


David said...

I know the feeling, and I admire you all for taking on so much of the workload at the house. We still have kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, and exterior work to get done for the parsonage. Church has a few details to work out too, like internet and computers.
Thank God for good people, kind and generous and willing to flex a little for the new pastor...I hope yours are as good and better

the reverend mommy said...

Whoa! Two months ... and beginning our third.

I have a hard commute... but the churches are beautiful healthy places.

AND (surprise surprise) I have charge conference on Sept 11. Like in less than two weeks. Eeek!

Good to see you blogging.

Songbird said...

It sounds like a busy time of transition; I hope the fall will allow all of you to settle in and feel at home.

zorra said...

Hectic! I hope you all settle into a "new normal" soon.

Cathy said...

It has been a while. It's good to see you post. Your children really look like they are growing!

mompriest said...

oh I so understand! we didn't have to redo the house, but loads to get used too...soon enough the kids will have all new friends and they'll adjust to the new way of teaching and all will really be well - oh yeah, and you will get the hang of this new place too.

seethroughfaith said...

they are delightful - as are you.

be good to yourself sis :)

glad that you are settling in and making the transition. Glad too you are blogging again. I've missed ya!

teachergran said...

Sounds like you're settling in well. Good luck with the house - it's fun (when it's finished) to get to do the cosmetic sprucing up - we were in our house for 3 years before we got enough ahead of structural things to be able to do the more "fun" and visible things like painting! It definitely helps make the house your home. Your kids are growing up so beautifully! I hope school is a friendlier place now for Zachary. Best wishes to all of you!