Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bishoop Willimon is coming back for four more years

Bishop Willimon to return to North Alabama for another four years
On the final evening of the 2008 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference, it was confirmed that Bishop William H. Willimon will continue as the Episcopal leader of the North Alabama Conference for another four years.
This announcement was made when the SEJ Committee on the Episcopacy reported the assignments of the Bishops within the Southeastern Jurisdiction.

The new SEJ Bishop assignments are:
Alabama-West Florida Episcopal Area – Bishop Paul L Leeland
Birmingham Episcopal Area (North Alabama Conference) - Bishop William H Willimon
Charlotte Episcopal Area (Western North Carolina Conference) - Bishop Larry M Goodpaster
Columbia Episcopal Area (South Carolina Conference) - Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor
Florida Episcopal Area - Bishop Timothy W Whitaker
Holston Episcopal Area - Bishop James E Swanson Sr
Louisville Episcopal Area (Kentucky And Red Bird Missionary Conferences) - Bishop G Lindsey Davis
Mississippi Episcopal Area - Bishop Hope Morgan Ward
Nashville Episcopal Area (Memphis And Tennessee Annual Conferences) - Bishop Richard J Wills Jr
North Georgia Episcopal Area - Bishop B Michael Watson
Raleigh Episcopal Area (North Carolina Conference) - Bishop Alfred W Gwinn Jr
Richmond Episcopal Area (Virginia Annual Conference) - Bishop Charlene P Kammerer
South Georgia Episcopal Area - Bishop James R King Jr
Prior to the Jurisdictional Conference the North Alabama Conference Committee on Episcopacy released a statement requesting the reassignment of Bishop Willimon to the Birmingham Episcopal Area. The Committee said, “The Conference Committee on Episcopacy celebrates the strong vision for growth and change to grow more disciples of Jesus Christ that Bishop Willimon has brought to the laity and clergy of the North Alabama Conference over the past four years.
“As we go forward into the new quadrennium, the members of the Episcopacy Committee are committed to a close partnership with Bishop Willimon to define steps and strengthen relationships to enable us to reach our vision.”

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